Puppy Papers, Guarantees, and Contracts
by Elena Smith



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Spay/Neuter Contracts

Some contracts require you to spay or neuter you dog as part of the deal. These are used by serious breeders when the puppy is not of show quality, or when they feel the puppy should not be bred for other reasons.

One way a spay/neuter contract can be enforced is by the breeder withholding the AKC registration form until proof of spaying / neutering has been received from a veterinarian. As spaying and neutering is usually done between 6 and 8months of age, this can mean a long wait for AKC registration.

The AKC now has a "Limited Registration" which some breeders use to discourage a dog from being bred. Limited Registration means that your dog is registered with the AKC, but its offspring won't be. Obviously, this does not prevent a dog from being accidentally bred!

It only means that if puppies are produced from this accidental breeding, they will not be eligible for AKC registration.
If your dog turns out to be worthy of showing or breeding, your dog's breeder can have the Limited registration lifted. Regular registration can then be applied for.

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