Canine Nutrition and Diet Information Part 1
The Proper Care and Feeding Of Your Dog

How Much to Feed A Dog to Meet His Energy Needs

By Joe Bodewes, DVM

One of the most common questions that I am asked concerning dogs is how much to feed them.

While this seems like a very straightforward question, there are actually some unique circumstances that make this question very difficult to answer. This article will help to explain those circumstances and will help pet owners choose the right amount of food for their canine diet.

The importance of knowing how much dog food to feed

I once had an elderly client that bred and raised Labrador Retrievers. Whenever she brought her dogs in to the clinic I was consistently impressed with the fact that they were always about the perfect weight with beautiful coats and good muscle tone. Finally, one day I asked her what her secret was that allowed her to feed her dogs in such a way that they were always the perfect weight. She thought for a few seconds and then leaned forward and in a serious whisper divulged, "when they are skinny I feed 'em more and when they get fat I feed 'em less." 

Several years and hundreds of nutritional consultations later, I am still impressed with the simplistic truth of that statement. Despite our determined efforts to devise a quality canine diet that will tell us exactly how much to feed a dog of a given weight, we still do not have one, and it is very unlikely that we ever will.

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