Dog Fleas And Pet Medications For Them 
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Dog Parasites

Dog Fleas And The Pet Meds That Get Rid Of Them – Part One

Fleas, lice, and mites are the most common external parasites found on the dog. Fleas do not transmit disease from dog to another dog or from your dog to you. But they are a pest that causes annoyance not just to the dog but to the entire household too. 

Its important to understand that de-fleaing just the dog with pet meds is not sufficient to cure your flea situation. 

The flea lays its eggs in bedding grass, the dog’s favorite piece of furniture, carpeting, and in your car. Basically anywhere the dog goes. The flea lays hundreds, possibly thousands of eggs and these eggs hatch in about 8 – 10 days. It is therefore important to deflea all these areas at the same time you deflea the dog. 

There are excellent pet meds on the market that can halt the eggs from hatching and many of these products are very long lasting. There are new products that need be applied only once monthly to the dog. 

The liquid pet med is applied in one place on the dog’s back and kills the flea eggs. Excellent results are being reported. Currently this flea repellant product is only available through your vet. The yard must be treated and there are biodegradable and non-toxic products that work well.

Check with your veterinarian as well as your local pet shop. This process must be started in early spring in some parts of the U.S. and continued until fall. Continued…

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Remember the information given here is only a guide and you should always check with your veterinarian if you think there is a problem or before administering any medication.


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