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Dogue de Bordeaux

Have you seen the movie TURNER AND HOOCH? The big drooling one was a Dogue De Bordeaux.

Known as a guardian, hunter, protector and fighter. Mainly the dog of the wealthy French. They were raised to bait everything from bears to boars and to herd cattle. The Dogue, predating the Bullmastiff and the bulldog, was originally bred to fight and protect. Even when a small 7 month old puppy, the young dog can still knock down a man while playing.

Early socialization is a must. He is aggressive with other animals, but good to the family who raised him. Once he learns a command or task, he seldom forgets it. Has great senses of smell and hearing, and very smart. One thing he knows very well, and that is to protect what is his.

The Dogue De Bordeaux was used to correct or intensify the Tosa and Dogo breeds. He is not recognize by the AKC, but is by the FCI and UKC. They are a big business in the puppy mills, considered a rare breed in the USA. Common health problems are demodex mange, hip dysplasia, heart murmurs, bloat, and twisting of the stomach. Puppies grow and gain weight fast, so "growing pains" are common with this dog.

Coat is easily cared for. It is short, fine and soft. Colors range from fawn, mahogany to Isabella. Masks can be brown (red), or no mask (pink nose and eye rims). Height 23-27 inches (59 to 69 cm.) Weight 84-100 pounds (38 to 46 kg).

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