By Doctor Gloria Dodd

In 1984 it came to my attention that a very serious health hazard exists in the form of heavy metal contamination of the food and water chain. The heavy metals involved are Aluminum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury, Selenium and Lead. What you will be reading is the material I sent to government authorities, media and prominent medical and veterinary doctors I knew, both in orthodox and holistic practices. With the cover letter I included all the blood tests, hair analysis, medical records, and documentations of 20 animal cases. From the media the response was" the subject was not topical", from my US congressmen and the FDA; " we are looking into the matter". I contacted the FDA yearly for 4 years then I gave up asking for an investigation. I concentrated my efforts with the pet owner and our association of holistic veterinarians. I ran routine hair analysis on every sick dog and cat that was presented to me along with the routine laboratory diagnostic tests of blood tests, urinalysis, physical exams, etc.:

Although the heavy metal testing was terminated in 1989, I feel the contamination is much worse today. To my knowledge there has been very little research on pathologies caused by combinations of toxic metals, and with minerals and chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and fungicides for that matter. This happens in the real world outside of pure science. There remain little government guidelines for Agribusiness and industry to protect public health. This then is the letter and documentation I sent and how I learned about this very real health hazard.

"Dear Sirs,

It has come to my attention that a very serious health hazard exists in the form of heavy metal contamination of the food and water chain. The heavy metals involved are Aluminum, Nickel, Copper, Iron, Cadmium, Arsenic, Mercury, Selenium and Lead. I began including hair analysis for heavy metals when I encountered my first

case of chronic heavy metal poisoning, of my own cat, "Sambo", a 19-year-old neutered male cat. I had kept him in excellent health with homeopathy and acupuncture for years, until last Aug. 13, 1984, I woke up to the fact that old Sambo wasn't looking so good-his glossy black coat had turned to a dull, dry, gray; his skin was dry and scurfy; he was sleeping more than usual and his third eyelids were showing. Although he was eating well, his vital signs were normal and was responsive to his environment, nevertheless I knew something was wrong. In short Sambo was showing all the signs of a creeping chronic degenerative process of pathology. A blood test taken 8/14/84 revealed low level pathology of the bone marrow, liver, pancreas and kidney. His hair analysis showed very high aluminum levels (45 ppm as compared to human tolerable hair analysis levels of .05 ppm). There were also elevated levels of mercury, lead and cadmium.

The director of the Analytical Research Labs in Phoenix, Arizona, Dr.Eck, called me by telephone and inquired if this cat was still alive, for he had never seen such high levels of aluminum in man or animal. I said, yes, and that he was under my care and being treated with nosodes (homeopathic remedies made from specific causative agents of pathology, in this case, aluminum). The enclosures show a dramatic lowered levels of the metals in succeeding monthly hair analysis run on the newly grown hair from the shaved areas from previous testing. I also began confinement of Sambo to a stainless steel cage with exercise in the hospital rooms only, controlled feeding and watering of distilled water, vitamin-mineral supplements, Cornucopia Stars dry food, and a combination of varied Cornucopia canned foods: Beef liver, and poultry. The ratio of dry food to canned was on a 50-50- basis.

Over the next three months, serial monthly hair analysis tests revealed a dramatic lowering of the heavy metals with the nosodes, and clinically the cat and his blood tests improved. Then 5 months later the symptoms returned. In January 1985 I began suspecting the Cornucopia food was the source of the heavy metals. Samples of both the canned and dry foods fed,

were submitted to three different laboratories for testing. Two labs tested with flame photometer, the other with atomic absorption. You will see the atomic absorption method is more accurate in measuring quantitatively. I have spent over $1500 of my own to investigate this problem and found very high levels of aluminum as well as other metals in the food.

I brought this problem to the attention of the manufacturer, and said he knew he had aluminum contamination in his pet food when it was producing "Alzheimer"-like symptoms in his 4-year-old test dogs. He said he was rectifying the problem. (Why didn't he pull his pet food off the market when he knew he had a problem?)

I submitted other pet foods: Cornucopia Stress dog kibble (tested 855 parts per million aluminum!) and canned, 17 other commercial dog and cat food (Health Valley Natures, Hill's Prescription Science Diets, Safeway's Thrifty, Purina, Nature's Choice, Iam's, Avo Derm, Wysong, ANF, Natural Life, Natural Pet Products, Premium Natural Style, Nature's Choice, Alpo, Blue Mountain Home Style Stew, Kal Kan, and Carnation's Bright Eyes.). These contained varied levels of aluminum, mercury, cadmium and lead. It was the levels of aluminum I was interested in, because it was in all the foods tested, and at a much higher level than the other heavy metals. Aluminum is a mineral but acts like a metal, chemically and physiologically. The pet foods tested by atomic absorption methods showed aluminum levels ranging from the lowest of 17 ppm (in canned wet foods) to 401 ppm in the kibbled product. Kibble production by dehydration would, as expected, increase the content of the metals over canned. I was shocked at the high levels in well-respected products made by conscientious manufacturers. I believe they just don't

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