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By Doctor Gloria Dodd

...know about the widespread contamination problem so have never tested for it. I submitted human consumption food that is fed to sick animals in my hospital when they refuse regular pet food, such as Gerber's strained baby meats, chicken, beef and lamb, Star Kist Tuna and Swanson's Mixin" Chicken in Broth. All contain aluminum, others also lead. Gerber's Turkey less than 1 ppm, and Gerber's Lamb, 1.8 ppm. Tuna and Chicken seem to be the worst, at 7.2 ppm in Star-Kist Fancy Albacore Solid White and Gerber's Strained Chicken at 3.0 ppm and 5.8 ppm in Swanson's.

What really astounded me was the health food herbal yeast and kelp products being sold for people and supplemented by some of my pet owners to their animals. These showed high levels of aluminum: Barley Green powder 25 ppm, Raspberry Leaf 390,Nettle 585, powdered alfalfa 120, Herbal Protein Powder 1380! kelp 495.Please refer to enclosures of these and other samples taken of municipal water, bottled waters, horse feed, etc.

I telephoned many of the storeowners carrying these foods, and some of the manufacturers. There seemed to be a universal disinterest in even investigating such a health hazard. More disturbing is the few investigational studies to determine what levels of these metals are tolerable in man and different animals before pathologies are seen. The only references I could find is 300 ppm mercury in a swordfish killed a human victim in the San Francisco Bay area. This was discovered when a doctor ordered a toxicology scan. I learned this from the toxicology department of the California State Public Health Dept. Acute lead poisoning occurs at levels of 5 ppm lead in the liver and 10ppm in the kidney of a dog causing death. (Ettinger: Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine.)

I am deeply concerned with:

v The too few studies devoted to toxic and tolerable levels of these heavy metals in both man and animals, and how little of this information is disseminated. I have spent numerous frustrating hours talking to officials in the California Public Health Department and Toxicology, State and Federal FDA, and the toxicology department of the School of Veterinary Medicine at Davis, California. No one can give me any reference material to serve as a guideline for pathology or for the safety of the animal and human consumer of food offered by the Dept of Agriculture, pet food and human food industry.

v I'm concerned with the widespread nature of possible sources of these metals within our food and water.

I'm most interested in the Aluminum. I have been testing 28 cases of sick dogs and cats and they all reveal a high aluminum content in their hair analysis at time of presentation to me with illnesses. The blood tests corroborate a corresponding pathology in combinations of the following metabolic organ systems: liver, pancreas, kidney, as well as heart, and bone marrow. It is interesting to note within these cases, that as the metals disappear from succeeding monitored hair analysis during metal nosode treatment, so does the blood test values seem to normalize, and clinically there is no doubt of improvement- the early signs of the chronic degenerative changes of dermatitis unthriftiness, lethargy, some hair color change, hair and skin dryness, lusterless and poor hair growth all begin to show vast improvement.

Since I have been having conversations with pathologists and toxicologists, again I see a picture emerging of the lack of knowledge even as to how aluminum causes toxicity. I have learned bits and pieces; eg. Aluminum competes with Calcium ions the skeletal structure so it is possible to develop any variation of skeletal bone disease: osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and osteoarthropathies.

The implications in pathology are endless. What is the role of aluminum in hip dysplasia expression, Idiopathic Osteoarthrosis, Eosinophilic Panosteitis, or Osteochondritis Dessicans, etc???? Aluminum has a propensity for nervous tissue: the AMA has revealed Aluminum to be the culprit in Senile Dementia (a premature senility in man), and studies are now linking aluminum as one of the factors causing Alzheimer's Disease. I'm wondering what influence this metal may have on other nervous diseases: California has epidemic proportions of hyper kinetic children, "slow" learners, and Dyslexia (a learning disability)-- 1 out of 4 school children have some degree of Dyslexia. This is a terrible psychologically and economically crippling disease for which there is no medical knowledge of its etiology or treatment in this country. I have a personal interest in dyslexia because my youngest daughter was afflicted with it-I say WAS, for it took a medical doctor from Germany to diagnose nervous system toxicity with pesticides, chemicals and vaccination in my daughter and who successfully treated her. My fear of widespread contamination of Aluminum in our food chain and water was borne out through my conversations with public health officials and those in FDA. I was told aluminum is added to our public drinking water to precipitate out organic compounds, It is used routinely as a dehydrating agent to remove water from packaged food products and to prevent salt from caking (please refer to the highest levels of aluminum being in the dry, kibbled pet food product versus the canned version.) Aluminum wing bands in poultry are an abominable practice and should be outlawed. (See Aluminum values in Gerber's baby food chicken, and Swanson's Chicken Mixin's for human consumption.) God only knows what occurs naturally in well water and streams that course through natural metal ore strata or toxic landfills with cars, batteries, and other metals leaking into the underground aquifers, then discharging into the earth's oceans. This problem is seriously troubling ecologists and biologists in the ocean's fish and food chain. Mercury has been covered somewhat in the local news media. We are warned not to eat the fish from the bays and deltas around San Francisco and East Bay, due to the high mercury content from industrial pollution. Local fisherman complains of the visible mercury "burns" on the skin of the fish caught in these waters.

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