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By Doctor Gloria Dodd

... I am deeply concerned about my own health and my family's health. From my very limited testing of these food items I am enclosing you can see the omnipresence of Aluminum as well as the other metals. I have documentation of the chronic degenerative pathology it is creating in dogs and cats--- what is it doing to our health?

WHY ISN'T THIS BEING INVESTIGATED???? It is a known fact that as modern technological industries have grown, so has chronic degenerative diseases in man and animals grown. People and animals are no longer dying of acute bacterial and viral epidemics like they did in the past, now they are falling victims to cardiovascular disease, kidney and liver failure, Diabetes Mellitus, arthritis, asthma, allergies and Cancer. I am frightened by our government's lack of knowledge and concern for our health and welfare. I have discovered a real health hazard in animals; as humans we are not untouchable. THERE SHOULD BE FEDERALLY FUNDED RESEARCH TO PROPERLY INVESTIVATE THIS PROBLEM AND LAY OUT MEANINGFUL SAFETY GUIDELINES FOR THE NATIONAL AGRIBUSINESS, AND INDUSTRY TO FOLLOW TO INSURE OUR GOOD HEALTH.


Gloria Dodd, D.V.M.


Symptomotology, diet, hair analysis and results of traditional blood tests included.

CASE #1 "Sambo" Dodd 19 year old neutered male cat belonging to me, and was the initiator of my 4 year study of chronic metal poisoning in pets and livestock. If any animal could have the best veterinary care, it would be my own animals. Sambo had been in excellent health despite his advancing years- his black coat had been shiny and full coated, he ran and played with my dog, ate well, had normal bowel movements, and was a good weight but gradually I began seeing a change: he became more sedentary, began losing body weight, became more finicky in eating and his hair coat had made a dramatic change to a dry, lusterless look and now his lovely black coat had turned completely GRAY! This was highly unusual. I had been feeding him a health food Cornucopia brand of a combination canned meat and dry kibble. I had chosen Cornucopia because a natural-oriented veterinarian advertising no chemical preservatives added and had Vitamin E and certain herbs added for health promoting principles formulated it. Sambo had been eating this for 3 years. To help me diagnose this perplexing health problem I drew a blood sample and sent it to the lab for a total body-screening test. It came back showing moderate liver damage, an immune suppressed affect on the platelet production of the bone marrow (a cell needed for normal blood clotting abilities), and pancreas and kidney pathology. I was dumb founded. How could this happen? I sent off a hair analysis (this was something new I was doing). The hair analysis showed extremely high levels of aluminum, and low levels of mercury and lead. Where could they be coming from? I tested his food: canned chicken and kibbled stars made by Cornucopia. His food samples showed high levels of aluminum, some mercury and lead. I had the tests run by two labs: Morse labs: Canned, less than 20 ppm, dry food 430 ppm!!!

ARL labs: canned 21.4 ppm dry food 5 ppm . This discrepancy between dry food levels may be due to different supply batching. However I went further into testing all the lines of Cornucopia: Super stress dog food canned: 12 ppm, Super stress dry 855 ppm! I called Dr. Broderick, the owner of Cornucopia, and told him the results. He flew to California from the east coast and admitted to me that several years prior he knew he had an aluminum problem when they found they were producing an Alzheimer's-like syndrome in 4-year-old dogs. He traced it to the packing plant he was using where they were grinding up the aluminum wing bands on the chickens right with the meat. He tried to stop the problem by investing in his own plant but I pointed out that according to my findings, he still had a problem. I have since learned of one of the major sources of aluminum: acid rain, falling on clay (natural aluminum bound soils) in the areas of where the plants are grown that supply the food to the chicken, beef, etc. who eat this food, and then concentrate it in their own tissues. These animals, and these grains are then used in pet food.)

I began to treat Sambo, chelating the aluminum, mercury and lead that were registering in his initial hair analysis, with homeopathic remedies made from these heavy metals. I monitored him over a period of 5 months (8/13/84 to 1/2/85) with blood tests, hair analysis and clinical response until all became normal. His coat resumed its black, glossy look, and he began playing again. I had changed his food to detoxified - (please see Newsletter #7 How To Detoxify The Food) fresh meat, vegetables and grains with vitamin-mineral supplementation.

His case led me to start testing all my sick animal patients for heavy metal poisoning.

Case #2 "Chad" Mobley, a 13 year old, male Golden Retriever. He was submitted to me for treatment of bilateral hind leg paralysis, very offensive skin condition showing large areas of baldness, greasy, stinking odor coming from the skin itself (Seborrhea), a "measles"

look to the abdomen skin, with oozing serum from several lesions; a "lick granuloma" (area of the skin where dog constantly chews until it is open and bleeding in the center, but the areas around it tries to heal by building up a large, thickened mass of scarring tissue) on his right forepaw.

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