Contaminated Food
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By Doctor Gloria Dodd

He was being fed ANF (this pet food we were later able to prove has a double whammy: containing aluminum and a preservative ethoxyquin which has shown to be carcinogenic), Purina Hi Protein and Iams. Chad's blood test showed low-grade anemia, hypothyroidisin, and liver pathology. The hair analysis showed increased levels above acceptable for humans of: aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury; with a gross disruption of his nutritional minerals, a loss of sodium, potassium, lowered calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc and chromium. There was an increase of copper retention resulting in an additional low-grade copper toxicity.

The analysis of the foods showed:

ANF 30- 186 ppm aluminum (Dr. Eck at ARL, and I have found in animals that consume foods containing over 30 ppm aluminum, will gradually start showing pathology. The speed and intensity of pathology developed is proportional to the amount of aluminum consumed and the length of time consuming it.

Purina Hi Protein- 50.2 ppm aluminum

Iams- 91 ppm aluminum.

Chad was treated for a period of one year with natural detoxified food, hypoallergenic diet (Chad was allergic to beef, milk products and brewers yeast), desensitization to pollens, fleas and food groups, acupuncture and chiropractic as well as chelation of the heavy metals with homeopathy; Chad made a full recovery. He was not only walking but also running, his coat came back with a luster, and turned a deep reddish gold, his lick granuloma disappeared and his blood tests and thyroid normalized.

Case #3 "Hummer" Weinstein, 6 yr old spayed female collie cross.

Diagnosis Auto Immune Syndrome (AIDS in a dog, is not due to the same virus as man's but the pathology is the same, and the prognosis is fatal.)

"Hummer"came to me from the east coast when her owner moved to California. All blood tests were positive for AlDs. She had been treated with steroids (a mistake doctors make for man and animals, steroids depress an already failing immune system) and antibiotics. She was being fed a variety of commercial canned and dry food: Alpo, COOP dog food in cans, Mealtime kibble and Tender Chunks.

Alpo tested 17.9 ppm aluminum

Kal Kan puts out Mealtime and chunks- I did not test these specifically but their meat stew and seaside supper I tested and are 187 ppm and 8.1 ppm aluminum respectively

Hair analysis showed 13 ppm aluminum, with mercury and lead above acceptable levels. Nutritional minerals of the body were all disrupted: there were lowering of calcium, magnesium, manganese, and chromium with loss of sodium and potassium (Na and K) from the body, and toxic elevations of copper and iron.

The dog was anemic, no platelets were being formed by the bone marrow, and she had liver and kidney pathology, was vomiting, dehydrated and wouldn't eat. I took her off of all drug therapy, put her on supportive homeopathy remedies, along with natural, detoxified diet, did ozone intravenous therapy (German technique of bombarding the patient's blood with ozone then transfusing the blood back into the patient- - this produces a rich supply of oxygen to all the organs of the body, and stimulates the immune system,) along with a variety of other energy stimulating techniques: acupuncture, Pulsating Electromagnetic field therapy, EAV, color therapy, etc.

EAV (electro acupuncture according to Voll) is a method I learned in Germany from the developer of the technique, Dr. Reinhold Voll, a medical doctor. It utilizes sophisticated electronic machinery that identifies pathologies and causative agents according to their energy fields. I pioneered the method, used it in my practice, published my work and taught other veterinarians how to use this. The value of this method is extraordinary; one can diagnose and prescribe treatment that you know will work before anything shows up on traditional testing.

The heavy metals were chelated out of "Hummer" with the specific homeopathic metal remedies.

"Hummer" made a progressive recovery over several months intensive treatment and was Aid's negative for 5 years. Unfortunately, Miss Weinstein started to feed Cornucopia despite my blanket warnings sent in letterform to all my clients, and Hummer died of a hemolytic (hemorrhaging) crises 2 years later.

This is a landmark case because to my knowledge no other case of Canine Aids has ever been treated successfully. It may hold some promise for human aids victims for the pathological consequences in the body are the same. I realize there is a specific human virus involved, but something besides the virus has to weaken the body's immune system first for the virus to find fertile grounds to grow in-maybe chemical and heavy metal intoxication of the food, water and environment plays a larger part than the virus theory. I know from animal medicine it does. I would like to see intensive studies done in hair and tissue analysis of chemicals, and metals. Sincerely, Gloria Dodd DVM"

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