Contaminated Water and Food
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By Doctor Gloria Dodd


1. Heavy metals are contaminating our food, water and health supplements for animals and man. Heavy metals produce pathologies relative to quantitity and period of time consumed. The major source of consumption is due to pollution of our air, water and soils by agribusiness, industry and the public.

2. The governmental agencies are not protecting us; we have to protect ourselves. I strongly recommend to all people and pet owners: consume and feed to your animals only organically grown produce or grow as much of it as you can in your own backyard-yes it can be done (there will be a future newsletter detailing this very subject) and use bottled, tested waters. They may not be 100% free of heavy metals but you won't have the added toxic burdens of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides. I find rice grown in India (Batsami rice) at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains is very clean and healthy and is what I feed my family and animals.

3. Stop using everything that contains aluminum that can be leached by acid foods (meats, tomatoes, citrus drinks, all soda drinks, etc.) I don't use any aluminum period, in my household. EAV studies have shown to me that aluminum is toxic to all cells. It goes to the brain and nervous system, thereby touching every organ in the body including the immune system. There are research studies published by scientists in this country showing aluminum can get into the brain of animals showing damage similar to that which occurs in human beings with senile dementia. There is evidence that aluminum contributes to the development of Alzheimer's disease (AZD) by both directly poisoning the brain and by injuring the blood brain barrier allowing toxic wastes to enter brain tissue, one particular kind of toxic waste is known to selectively attack the very parts of the brain that become damaged in the AZD type of senile dementia. In my veterinary practice, I have seen aluminum causing ovarian cysts, pancreatic cysts resulting in hyper insulin comas, and tumor formation. Dowsing has shown me that aluminum lowers the nutritional energy of food and water thus depriving the body of its needed energy. Throw out your aluminum pots and pans and replace them with cast iron, stainless steel or pyrex. Bake your own goodies using aluminum baking powder replacements or buy from companies like Ener-G Foods.* Foods can be wrapped with, guess what, wax paper, or put in containers.

4. The biggest source of aluminum comes from Acid Rain. Acid rain is made by water (rain) combining with air emissions from combustion of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are burned by trucks, automobiles, and industry to produce nitrates, sulfates, carbonates and chlorates. The hydrogen molecule in rain chemically combines with these to form nitric acid, sulfuric acid, carbolic acid and hydrochloric acid respectively. Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the earth's crust. It is found in clay, (bentonite and kaolin), and serpentine rock. They are composed of bound aluminum molecules. When acid rain falls on these type soils, it chemically releases the aluminum to be a free agent. If crops are grown in these locations (and almost every major agricultural areas in this country are downwind to industry air pollutants; and autos and trucks are everywhere), the roots of the crops take up the aluminum and incorporate it into the plant tissues. It is these vegetables, fruits, and grains we eat. Food- producing livestock eat the hay and grains grown here and also take in the aluminum in their tissues. Both man and animal eat the crops and the livestock. Aluminum concentrates as it goes up the food chain. The free aluminum leaches through the soils and gets into the underground waters, polluting our drinking water, and the water that irrigates the livestock and crops. It's a vicious cycle that must be broken. We must stop using fossil fuels, and electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. We must look to alternative energy sources like wind, solar and hydroelectric power. There are many companies that are developing alternative energy, one I use is Green Mountain Energy* but there are others that may be registered with your state's Energy Commission. We can reduce auto emissions by fostering the development of electric cars, using our autos less by walking more, using bicycles (healthier for us) and combining several errand trips into one, and shopping in our homes via the internet.


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