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Emerald Toucans

The Emerald Toucanet averages sixteen inches in length. This bird lives in the forests in the Colombian and Venezuelan Andes mountains up to a height of ten thousand feet.

Like all of the Toucans, the Emerald Toucanet prefers to spend it's time in pairs or small flocks. Usually living in the tops of trees and seldom seen on the ground. It makes it's nest in tree holes. Two to four eggs are incubated by both parents for fifteen days. The fledglings leave the nest six weeks after they have hatched.

Toucans love to fly, so they need a large aviary. They are quarrel-some birds, even toward their own species.

Food: Toucans should be fed fruits, meal-worms and similar larvae.

Supplement with boiled potatoes, carrots, cooked corn and rice formed into little balls.

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