Endangered Species
(This is a partial list)

Endangered Species

On this page you will find wildlife that are on the endangered list. You can help the plight of these animals.

Endangered animals are animal species that need our attention. They are having difficulty, for one reason or another, staying alive in their natural environments. Many of them are in so much danger that scientists have made a list of them called the Endangered Species List. This is to let everybody know which animals need the most help. Unless we take action now to help these animals, many of them will become extinct.

Why do we need animals and plants?

Because the world would be less beautiful and wonderful without them.

What's more important, all of the animals and plants on earth are linked together. Each specie has a special role in keeping the world of nature going. Every time a specie disappears, the natural world does not work as well as it used to. If too many become extinct, we may find the world doesn't work anymore.

The List:

Count Raggi's Bird of Paradise,
Bottlenose Dolphin, Peacock,
Western Tragopan, Snowy Owl,
Scarlet Macaw, Reticulated Giraffe, Emperor Penguin,
Moustached Monkey, Frilled Lizard,
Red Kangaroo,
Pygmy Chimpanzee,
Black Swan,
Rainbow-billed Toucan,
Polar Bear,
Red-billed Toucan,
Wood Duck,
Japanese Crested Ibis,
St. Lucia Parrot,
Wagler's Macaw,
Southern Bald Eagle,
Tahiti Lorikeet,
Asian Elephant,
Proboscis Monkey,
Red Uakari,
Golden Lion Tamarin,
Pileated Gibbon,
Spanish Lynx,
White-eared Pheasant,
Pygmy Hippopotamus,
Central Asian Cobra,
Gila Monster,
Sonoran Pronghorn Antelope,
Utah Prairie Dog,
Central American Tapir,
Galapagos Turtle,
Asiatic Buffalo,
Asian Lion,
California Condor,
Giant Anteater,
Giant Armadillo,
Swinhoe's Pheasant,
Great Indian Bustard,
Northern Square-lipped Rhinoceros,
Komodo Dragon,
Jackass Penguin,
Hermit Ibis,
Fiji Banded Iguana,
Douc Langur,
Dalmatian Pelican,
Bighorn Sheep,
Grevy's Zebra,
Siberian Tiger,
Indian Python,
Javan Rhinoceros,
Helmeted Hornbill Resplendent Quetzal,
African Elephant,
Mountain Gorilla,
Humpback Whale,
Giant Otter,
Hawksbill Turtle,
Indian Gavial,
Snow Leopard,
Lear's Macaw,
Splendid Parakeet,
Philippine Eagle,
Golden-shouldered Parakeet,
Hooded Parakeet,
Golden Parakeet,
Ultramarine Lorikeet,
Long-wattled Umbrellabird,
Guayaquil Great Green Macaw,
Thick-billed Parrot,
St Vincent Parrot, Philippine Tarsier,
Mikado Pheasant, Bornean Orangutan,
Red-tailed Parrot,
Grey-necked Picathartes,
Stellar Sea Lion

...everyday the list grows.

If we really want to, we can save the animals. A few that were headed for extinction, but saved by making sure that nobody hunted or trapped them, are the Giant Panda, American Alligator, Whopping Crane, and the American Bison.

Many people have attitudes toward nature that are selfish and destructive, for this reason, the only thing that we can do is to get people to change some of their attitudes. Below is a link to things that you can do to help these animals.  


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