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Eskimo Dog

Originating in Greenland, this sled dog is thought to be the most useful of all the arctic breeds. This breed is also known as Kingmik to the northern Canadians and the Inuit people.

The Eskimo Dog, when it was first discovered, was the answer to the transport problem the Eskimos faced.  The Siberian Husky has received much of the the fame that the Eskimo deserves. He is thought to be the legitimate Husky. The Siberian dog is small in comparison to the Husky of Canada.  Among the Eskimo Dogs game, the polar bear is its most impressive object of pursuit.

As a companion he is loyal and a favorite among children.
He is a powerful , hard working, compact and efficiently built dog.

Height - 20 to 27 inches (51 to 69 cm). Weight - 60 to 105 pounds (27 to 48kg).

Coat type - the outer coat is long, 3 to 6 inches (7 to 15 cm)  in length, and coarse; the undercoat is impenetrable and abundant.

Color - comes in any color or combination.

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