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Cat Grooming

Unlike the shorthaired cat that uses his rough tongue to groom his coat, longhaired cats can't groom their coats themselves. Longhairs should be groomed, starting as a kitten, from 10 to 30 minutes a day. If not brushed or combed daily their coats become matted. Then you'll have to pay the vet or professional groomer a price for neglecting your longhaired companion. Special combs and brushes can be found at the pet store. Another plus of daily grooming is the fact that shedding of the coat will be reduced considerably. Daily combing because you will notice the amount of fleas on your animal during the grooming can reduce flea infestation.

Daily grooming also reduces the amount of hairballs your cat's digestive tract has to contend with. Cats usually shed their coat in cycles brought on by the length of daylight. If a cat is exposed to natural light only, he will shed in the spring and the fall. Other things that can cause a cat to shed its coat are fleas, an allergy, ringworm, or diet deficiencies. If an unusual amount of shedding is noticed, consult your veterinarian.

Bathing your cat is a no-no. If you frighten or make it nervous by trying to bathe it it can severely hurt its owner's face, hands, or eyes.

Cats have 5 toes on the forefeet and 4 on the handset. These need to be kept clipped or eventually you will find the cat using your furniture to wear down his claws. You can buy a scratching post or preferably get it a good size log with bark. Cats love to play with these and either item will keep the claws at a good length. Clipping can be tedious if you've never cut them before. Make sure that you don't cut the vein in the claw. If you do snip the vein don't expect your cat to let you clip them again. Vets and some pet shops will provide this service.

Toys are a big deal for a cat, so we'll consider toys an essential. Cats can be easily entertained if they want to play with you. Pet shops keep a large selection of toys on hand.





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