Eurasier Dog Breed

Eurasier Information

The Eurasier dog is a beautiful, balanced dog with a great temperament. He is much like the Spitz in the coat and physical conformation. The Eurasier came about as a cross of the German Wolfspitz and the Chow Chow, then, selected pups were crossed with a Samoyed type dog.
By the 1960s the breed was established and popular in its native Germany.

This dog is very people and affection oriented and a great companion. He is easy to train, peace-loving and docile.
The dog responds best to a soft reprimand. He is truly a meek dog and too rough a reprimand can be damaging.

Height - 19 to 24 inches (48 to 61 cm). Weight - 40 to 70 pounds (19 to 32 kg).

Coat type - A stand-off coat, medium long.

Color - can be red, fawn, mahogany, wolf-gray, or black; white and pintos occur.

Training Information

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