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Ferret Care Information

Ferret Care

This summary contains tips that should benefit veteran ferret owners as well as first time owners. First off, let me say that ferrets are DOMESTIC HOUSE PETS, not exotic novelty animals that may become a passing phase. There are estimated to be over 6 million pet ferrets kept in the United States.

Ferrets need a high protein (32% or greater) diet consisting mainly of meat or animal byproducts rather than grain. Go here for ferret food. The amino acids in vegetable protein are not readily used by a ferret's 3-hour digestive system. Low ash and low magnesium are important to a good ferret diet as well. Quality dry cat foods are available at feed stores, at a good pet shop, or your veterinarian's office. There are new ferret diets appearing on the market all the time, but the ones which are fish based are not liked very well by ferrets, but preferred by their cousin, the mink. Most ferrets prefer shaped pieces of food and do not care for food pellets for this reason. Try not to use most grocery store brands of cat and kitten food because the dyes, fillers and preservatives used are not good for your little ones, and they are low on meat protein.

Ferrets enjoy eating treats such as raisins, grapes (peeled or cut in half), unsalted popcorn, peanut butter, banana and an occasional veggie or two. Go here for ferret treats. Try different things out in very small quantities and remember - this is a treat and not an alternative to quality food. Do not feed your ferret dairy products (can cause diarrhea) or chocolate and caffeine products. The ferrets may beg for these things, but what doesn't bother our system can kill a ferret. Linatone, from pet and feed stores, is good for ferrets as a treat (2 drops a day or one pump a week) and a way to occupy the ferret as we clip its nails. Have the ferret seated belly up and pour a little Linatone (or Ferretone), go here for ferretone, on its stomach. Show him where it is, and while he's licking it up, clip the nails on all four feet to within a little bit of the quick (the pink part of the nail). Do not cut the quick as this may result in bleeding.

Ferret Care - continued

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Ferret Care

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More Ferret Information
Bathing a Ferret
Control Loose Hair on Ferrets / Preventing Hairballs in Ferrets
Ferret Care


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