Fila Brasileiro Dog Breed

Breed Information


The Fila Brasileiro comes from the mastiff-type breeds native to the Iberian peninsula. They migrated
with the Portugese and Spanish conquerors into Central America.

It was there they were cross-bred with indigenous dogs to create the Fila Brasileiro. Because they have excess facial skin it is thought that the Bloodhound may have been a part of the cross-breeding.

Originally this dog was used to hunt jaguars and runaway slaves. They are now commonly employed on ranches and used to  drive cattle.

The Fila is suspicious of strangers and therefore a valuable guard dog. He is very dedicated to his owner. Proper socialization is the key to ownership with the Filas.

Height - 24 to 30 inches (61 to 76 cm). Weight - 95 pounds (43 kg) and over.

Coat type - loose. Color - any color, solid or brindle, except white or mouse gray.

Training Information


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