Finnish Lapphund Dog Breed

Finnish Lapphunds

Finnish Lapphund dog

The origins of the Finnish Lapphund goes back to the dogs kept by the Lapp people. These European natives lived in the area known as Lapland, which includes Sweden, Finland and part of Russia and Norway. The dog, once called the Lapland Dog, came to England with the Normans. The dogs that were adopted by the Finnish dog lovers became known as the Finnish Lapphund . The dogs that endeared themselves to the Swedes became known as the Swedish Lapphund.

To avoid creating problems between the Swedish and Finnish breeders, the FCI recognizes both as a separate breed, however, it is questionable as to whether they are actually two different dogs.

Because of their constitutions and good-natured dispositions, Finnish Lapphunds are a welcome part of many European households and fine draught dogs.

Height - 18 to 21 inches (46 to 53 cm). Weight - 44 to 47 pounds
(20 to 21 kg).

Coat type - plush, long and thick, with heavy under-wool. Fringing is generous on the legs and tail with a mane at the neck and head.

Color - almost any color, provided it dominates over any white symmetrical markings showing.

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