Finnish Spitz Dog Breed

Finnish Spitz Dogs

The Finnish Spitz is a descendant of the dog which, long ago, accompanied the ancestors of the Finns, who lived in small clans. The Finnish Spitz, along with their owners, migrated north after the appearance of  newcomers to their locale. Therefore, the only purebred specimens were to be found in northern Finland, Lapland and Russian Karelia. Hugo Roos and Hugo Sandberg are known to be responsible for today's Finnish Spitz.

This dog is sometimes known as the Finnish Cock-eared Hunting Dog and the Barking Bird Dog and is used in hunting birds as well as squirrel and hare. In Finland he is praised for his yodeling voice.

This dog is courageous though cautious, a mindful and independent soul. As a pup, he is not prone to fondling. Rather cat-like in his distribution of affection, the breed is strong-minded and sensitive.

Height - 15 to 20 inches (38 to 53 cm). Weight - 25 to 35 pounds (12 to 16 kg).

Coat type - stand-offish, dense and moderately short. Undercoat is soft, short and dense.
Color - brilliant red.

Training Information

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