Betta Splendens

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The Betta is most likely the reason for hobby aquarium popularity in America. Its extraordinary beauty has aroused the curiosity of those most put off by the work involved in keeping an aquarium.

There are numerous color variants available to the hobbyist, so many so that you may match the color
scheme of any room.

Due to the intense fighting habits of the males, it is necessary to confine them to individual tanks from three months old on.

They are bubble-nest builders, like water that is acid( a ph of 6.8), and do best in a well planted tank. Water should be clear, but with plenty of sediment.

They should be bred between the ages of 10 months to two years. This is a good time to bred them too. They age rapidly after the age of two years.

A single male and a female may be put into a community  tank if it is a large one. In general the sexes should be kept separate.

When it comes to breeding the actions of the Betta are unpredictable. Some males are killers while some are egg eaters. None should be allowed in the same tank once the babies become free-swimming. Temperature of the water during breeding should be about 78 degrees, but stand 68 to 90.

This fish is adaptable to foods, but does best when fed animal substances such as Daphnia, mosquito larvae, chopped worms, fish bits, etc.

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