Aquarium Filters benefit your pets health by keeping the water clean.

There are two ways they do this:

  • Mechanical filtering collects the dirt in the water. This type of aquarium filter is easily cleaned by rinsing under the faucet. A cleaning of this type of filter is recommended every two weeks.

  • Biological filtering breaks down waste particles. Using this type of aquarium filter will call for changing of the water more often, but it is the better system. Clean this filter every tenth time you change part of the water, rinsing it with COLD water so as not to kill the needed micro-organisms.

Types of Aquarium Filters: 

I would recommend asking your pet supplies store for advice on which filter to use for your particular aquarium set up. There are so many types that it would take a megabyte just to cover them.


Cleaning your aquarium on a regular basis is the most important job you can do if you are to promote your pets health and have healthy fish. 

Aquarium cleaning tools and supplies recommended to make the job easier are:

A Hose with a Debris Siphon: 

For a partial water change, use the hose to remove half of the water. When cleaning the bottom of your aquarium, attach the debris siphon. It will remove the debris and water while leaving the larger material behind. Be careful not to kill the plant roots. 

A Squeegee: 

Use this to remove dirt and growth from the glass walls. 


ONLY used for aquarium cleaning. 

CO2 fertilizer diffuser: 

This is used for maintaining the correct amount of CO2 in the water for proper growth of plants. CAUTION should be taken when using this product. Follow the directions closely.

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