Haplochromis Multicolor

Species Information

Cichlid of Africa

Native to Africa.

These fishes are somewhat endangered due to the introduction of the predatory Nile perch. If you are lucky enough to find a Haplochromis you should feel obligated to try and breed them, they are "Mouthbreeders". The eggs of each  deposit are quickly picked up in the mouth of the female and kept there, not only until they are hatched, but until the yoke-sac is fully absorbed. The whole process takes about 15 days. She refuses food during this time thus becoming thin and wasted about the body.

The aversion to food during the carrying period is no doubt Nature's provision against either accidental or intentional swallowing of eggs, for one of the fish's greatest delicacies is fish eggs.

The water of their home is very poor and when introduced to a bright, clear tank they tend to be skiddish and hid and should be between 70-80 degrees.

Length, 2 1/2 inches.  

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