Fundulus Chrysotus

Species Information

Native to North America: USA from Santee River drainage in South Carolina to Trinity River drainage in Texas; Former Mississippi Embayment north to Kentucky and Missouri. East of Mississippi River mostly restricted to lower Coastal Plain.

Occurs in swamps, sloughs, vegetated pools, and backwaters of sluggish creeks and small to medium rivers.

Known as the Goldear Killy, it is easily recognized. On its Olive sides are a few spangles of green gold, usually mixed, on the male, with round red dots. Sometimes added to these are irregular blotches of black. Extremely beautiful specimens are sometimes seen in which the red dots strongly pre dominate, while a deep reddish hue extends into all of the fins, even with the female, which in the ordinary form has them clear. The light spot on the gill plate is green to gold. The eyes are usually yellow. There is a strain that is spotted heavily with black, somewhat like the Gambusia holbrookii.

This species is an egg-dropper, preferring such plants as the Myriophyllum for spawning purposes. The eggs at 75 degrees hatch in about 12 days, and the young are easily reared

A snail killer, it sometimes rips the fins of other fish. 

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