Leopard Gecko


The leopard gecko, (Eublepharis macularius), is an ideal pet that takes up little space, has simple food requirements, comes in designer colors and patterns and can withstand the life dealt out by even the most absent-minded of keepers. They are excitable as babies, but harmless, and as adults they become very tame; taking food from your fingers. With a maximum adult size of 7-10" this lizard is easily handled by supervised children. But remember, their tails can break off (and be re-grown), so make sure you never pick them up or grab them by that fleshy tail.

For decades this lizard was the only species being bred in captivity generation-after- generation. It has a fantastic tract record and is probably the most widely kept pet lizard next to the sometimes troublesome green iguana, (Iguana iguana). Since 1992 serious breeders have developed striped, high yellow, "jungle", "ghost", and "leucistic" forms from the original wild-caught imports, which originate in Pakistan and India.

Being a terrestrial type of gecko makes keeping them at home a snap. They are easily kept in a glass or plastic cage that offers 10" x 10" of floor space for each gecko housed and that is at least 12" high. Now that you have a cage in mind, here's your gecko recipe for success:

Use paper toweling or newspaper for the cage bottom. You can see when it is soiled and the cost is low.

Never use fine sand as a substrate since geckos up to 5" in length may eat the sand and become impacted.

Always provide water in a shallow lid or bowl that won't spill.

Use a gallon jar lid or shallow plant dish to serve as a food bowl. It's nice if the insects you are using as feed don't escape from this bowl.

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