Giant German Spitz Dog Breed

Giant German Spitz

Members of the German Spitz family share most every trait, as well as breed development. The only exception is their size. Viking travelers' brought dogs into Germany and Holland. This explains the dogs roots in and around Germany. The different colored Spitzen were each associated with specific areas; the grays were found along the Rhine in the districts of Mannheim and Stuttgart; the blacks in Wurtenberg; and the whites in Eberfeld. English exports of the larger sized spitzen are today known as Keeshonds.

The dogs are gentle, eager to please and always ready for exercise. They love the outdoors.

Height - 16 inches (41cm. Weight - 40 pounds (18kg). Coat type - double, long, dense and harsh; the undercoat is substantial and harsh.

Color - vary but are always in solid colors. Black, white and brown are most common.

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