Grande Podengo Portugueso Dog Breed

Grande Podengos
Grande Podengo

The Grande Podengo Portugueso is a rabbit hunting dog find their running . It is thought that they originated in northern Africa. They hunt in packs or alone.

The Portugese Podengos are found in three sizes.
The largest of the the three, the Grande, can cover more ground, has more strength and can hunt large game.

The Grande has a wonderful personality and makes a great companion. He is a skillful hunter.

Whether long or medium coated, this is a hardy breed that loves to be outdoors. Exercise is essential.

Height - 22 to 28 inches ( 58 to 71 cm).
Weight - 66 pounds (30 kg).

Coat types - two types; Short coat, which is hard and longer than most sight hounds; wire coat, which is medium long, shaggy and coarse.

Colors - yellow, fawn, and black with white markings are the color options.

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