Greyhound Dog Breed Information

Greyhound Dogs

His fame first written in the hot sands of Egypt, can be traced in the varying terrains of almost every country. The first knowledge of the Greyhounds comes from the Tomb of Amten, in the Valley of the Nile

As fast as Superman, as graceful as Lois Lane and as wise as the Chief, these dogs are used for racing. Unfortunately these beautiful animals are put to death once they are no longer useful as race dogs. If you have a interest in one of these dogs contact a greyhound adoption agency and save one of these beauties.

A sweet, gentle, and loyal dog. Patient with kids and are rarely aggressive with strangers. Usually submissive to larger dogs, although some greyhounds can be a danger to small dogs and cats.

Coat type- is short, smooth, and firm in texture.

Colors- as seen, the most common are red, black, fawn, and brindle.

Height- 27"- 30"

Weight- males, 65-70 pounds; females, 60-65 pounds.

Life span- 10 - 12 years

Training Information

Greyhound Club of America (M)

Corres. Secretary, Margaret Bryson,15079 Meeting House Ln , Montpelier, VA 23192

Breeder Contact, Margaret Bryson, 15079 Meeting House Ln., Montpelier, VA 23192, (804) 883-7800


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