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Great Schnauzers

All Schnauzers had their origin in the neighboring kingdoms of Wurttemberg and Bavaria. These are agricultural sections where the raising of cattle, sheep, and other livestock have been major occupations for years. When driven to market this meant that dogs were necessary to help the shepherds. Since the cattleman needed a larger dog than the Schnauzer of the day, the crossing between other dogs began. Later there were crossings with the black Great Dane. There is also reason to believe that the Giant Schnauzer is related to the Bouvier des Flandres, which was the driving dog of Flandres.

Resembling the Standard Schnauzer only a larger and more powerful version, this dog has great spirit, he's reliable, smart, and alert. He is attentive, courageous, loyal, playful and easily trained.

Height: males 25 1/2-27 1/2 inches at the withers; females, 23 1/2-25 1/2 inches.

Training Information

Giant Schnauzer Club of America, Inc. (M)

Secretary, Kathy DeShong, 7855 Whistling Winds Lane, Brighton, IL 62012, (618)466-6768,

Breeder Contact, Robin Greenslade, 12 Walnut Ter., Salem, NH 03079, (603) 894-4938


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