Harrier Breed Of Dog

Harrier Dog Breed

Probably the oldest work on hare hunting is the famous essay penned by the ancient Greek historian Xenophon about 400B.C., and with that as a basis, hare hunting has been a favorite subject of the greatest authorities on the dog for the past 2300 years. Regardless of that, there is a striking unanimity of doubt concerning the direct ancestors of this old breed of scent hound.

The Harrier, as he exists today, was unknown in Xenophon's time, although he describes two type of hounds that were used with equal success in the early hunting of the hare. Xenophon has listed the qualities of a hound and they bear amazing similarities to the desirable points of modern times.

The typical hound coat, short, smooth, and thick, can be any color under the hound's sun. Although no importance is placed on color, tri is common. Its V-shaped ears are set high and goodly sized,
though not large.

They are active and loving dogs full of strength and quality.

A small dog of 19 to 21 inches. Weight 44 pounds.

Training Information

Harrier Club of America

Secretary, Kimberly Mitchell, 301 Jefferson Lane, Ukiah, CA 95482

Breeder Contact, Kimberly Mitchell, 301 Jefferson Lane, Ukiah, CA 95482, (707) 463-0501   


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