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American Miniature Horse
American Miniature horses are wonderful little equines, the result of 400 years of selective breeding.

American Saddlebred
This is a high-stepping show horse known for its Three-and Five-Gaited action and Fine Harness driving.

Mainly used for Western competitive and pleasure riding, the Appaloosa has hindquarters marked with spots or ovals.

This is one of the world's oldest breeds. They are used for breeding and as a show horse as well as for English saddle-seat and Western riding and showing.

This horse originated in Germany and excels in show jumping, dressage and three-day events.

This is a versatile horse that originated in eighteenth-century New England. It is used for English saddle-seat and Western riding as well as pleasure driving.

Not to be confused with "pinto" which signifies any horse with a coat of two colors usually white with either brown or black. Paints are almost always used for Western competitive and pleasure riding.

In the U.S. this horse is known as a color breed and elsewhere considered a color type. The Palomino is recognized by its golden coat with white mane and tail. It is used mainly for Western activities.

Quarter Horse
This is the classic Western horse named for its ability to run one quarter of a mile faster than any other breed. It's of sturdy build and has extremely well-developed hindquarter.

This horse was created for driving and is often seen as a harness racer in trotting, pacing, pleasure and competitive driving.

Tennessee Walking Horse
A running walk and canter come naturally to this horse and it is primarily used in the show ring.

An athletic horse, they are seen mainly as flat and steeplechase racers and in hunter/jumper shows and dressage. Eligible horses must be registered with The Jockey Club in New York.

This horse originated in East Prussia and is used in dressage and combined training.


Looks like a miniature Thoroughbred that originally comes from the West of Ireland.

Pony of the Americas
These ponies look exactly like the Appaloosa as they are a bred down version.

These are the smallest of the British pony breeds. Their ancestors are the shaggy horses that originated in Scotland's Shetland Isles.

The Welsh is often seen in riding and driving show classes. It is a very fine pony.

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