Italian Greyhound Dog Breed

Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is a beautiful dog breed believed to have originated more than 2000 years ago in the Mediterranean Basin, most likely in the areas now known as Greece and Turkey. From the family of gazehounds, this is a dog that hunts by sight. They became known as Italian Greyhounds during the Middle Ages. After the dogs had made their way through Southern Europe, the breed had become more popular with Italians and so they were given the name Italian Greyhound.

This dog enjoys the luxury of home living and loves to be pampered. He is odorless and sheds very little hair. Hardy and seldom ill, he is a true family dog. Perhaps the most outstanding characteristic of the Italian Greyhound is his affectionate disposition. 

He thrives best when the affection is returned.

Height - 13 to 15 inches. Weight - as little as 5 pounds or as much as 15 pounds, but the average is 8 pounds.

Coat types - short, all colors, hardly sheds.

Costs - averages $15.00 a month.

Training Information

Italian Greyhound Club of America, Inc. (M)

Corres. Secretary, Teri Dickinson, 4 Hillcrest Dr., Allen, TX 75002, fax: (972) 396-8993

Breeder Contact, Lilian Barber, 35648 Menifee Rd., Murrieta, CA 92563, (909) 679-5084


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