Japanese Chin Breed Of Dog
Japanese Chin Dogs

japanese chin dog

The Japanese Chin Dog Breed is a very old breed that can be seen on ancient Chinese temples, pottery, and embroidery.

This dog makes a great companion, is alert, a quick learner and is sensitive.  Naturally clean and game too. Their coat is profuse, long, straight, rather silky needing grooming once a week. Colors should be either black and white or red and white. The term red includes all shades of sable, brindle, lemon and orange, but the brighter the red the better.

Space minimum, apartment with little or no yard but has a high energy level indoors. Should be exercised for at least one half an hour daily.

Said to be good with children.

Height- 9 inches. Weight- 4 to 7 pounds.

Costs- averages $15.00 a month.

Training Information

Japanese Chin Club of America (M)

Sec'y - Maxine Yager, RR 2, Box 146, Overbrook, KS 66524, (785) 836-3431, Email

Breeder Referral Committee, Email



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