Karelo-Finnish Laika Dog Breed

Karelo-Finnish Laikas

Finnish folklore refers to a dog called Finlandskaja as a cross between a fox and a Nordic-type dog. The muzzle of the dog actually does have a very fox-like look. The Karelo-Finnish Laika and the Finnish Spitz once were probably the same breed. Later, however, with the drawing of hard-line national parameters
between Scandinavian countries and the then Soviet Union, the two became different breeds .

This dog is quick to mature but never loses his puppy excitability. He is happy to please and is a great hunter. Firm but fair discipline is necessary to keep this powerful dog in line.

Height - 15 to 19 inches (38 to 48 cm).
Weight - 26 to 35 pounds (11 to 14kg).

Coat type - dense, stand-offish. Color - red with a white chest, intermingled with gray or black hair, and fawn of various shades.

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