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Megan's Animal of the Week...

Tigers by Megan M. age 10

There are five different tiger's in the world. They are called Indochinese Tigers, South China Tiger, Amur or Siberian Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, and Bengal Tiger. Indochinese Tigers are smaller than Bengal tigers, with shorter, narrower stripes. Males average 9 feet from head to tail and weigh about 400 pounds. Females are smaller, about 8 feet long and weigh about 250 pounds. They eat wild pig, wild deer, and wild cattle. South China Tigers are found in central and eastern China. The male measures about 8 feet and weighs about 330 pounds. The female is about 7 1/2 feet long and weighs approximately 240 pounds. The Amur or Siberian Tiger lives in the woodlands of eastern Russia. Males are known to be as large as 10 feet 9 inches long and weigh up to 600 pounds. Females are around 8 1/2 feet long and weigh as much as 370 pounds. The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest of the tiger subspecies. Males are found at average of 8 feet and weigh about 264 pounds. Females are about 7 feet long and weigh about 198 pounds. Bengal Tigers live in a wide range of habitats. Male Bengal tigers are about 9 1/2 feet from head to tail and weigh around 480 pounds. Females are smaller, about 8 feet and weigh 300 pounds. There are other Bengal tigers called White tigers which are simply a color variant. They are rarely found in the wild.

A tiger's behavior is different from human behavior. Unlike some big cats like lions, adult tigers like to live alone. Except for mother tigers with cubs. The average litter of a tiger is two to three cubs, the largest is five. One usually dies at birth. Tiger cubs are born blind and weigh only about two to three pounds, depending on the subspecies. Tigers prey on wild pig, wild deer, and wild cattle. They eat about ten pounds of meat a day and as much as forty pounds at one time. There territory size depends on the amount of food available, and usually ranges from about 10 to 30 square miles. Siberian tigers sometimes have really big territories, and have been known to be as big as 120 square miles.

Megan M. is a Kid's Korner's staff writer. If you would like to write Megan send her an email here.

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