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Komondor Dogs

Of the three breeds of working dog native for ten centuries to the sheep and cattle countries of Hungary, there seems little doubt that the king of them all is the Komondor. He is sure to be almost the direct descendent of the aftscharka, which the Huns found on the southern steppes when they passed through Russia.

The Komondor is a mighty fellow. His head is impressive in its generous formation, and his appearance is commanding. At first sight he may create fear. Strangers of evil intent have reason to be fearful, but he is a devoted companion to his master and mingles with friends of the master.

An excellent house guard dog. The dog is also known to be very faithful, it will defend the master against any attack. He is also alert, intelligent.

Height: 251/2 inches and upward at the withers; bitches, 231/2 and up at the withers.

Training Information

Komondor Club of America, Inc.

Corres. Secretary, Linda Patrick, 4695 Peckins Rd. Chelsea, MI 48118 Cords4me@provide.net

Breeder Contact, Linda Patrick, 4695 Peckins Rd. Chelsea, MI 48118, (313) 433-0417 phone, (313)433-0527 fax Cords4me@provide.net  


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