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Leonberger Dogs


In 1907, the Mayor of the town Leonberg, Herr Heinrich Essig, wanted a dog that looked like a lion. He only wanted the dog to look like a lion, not act like one. The cross was between a Saint Bernard and the Landseer Newfoundland. Then this dog was cross bred with a Great Pyrenees. The result was the Leonburger- a dog with a strong resemblance of the lion.

The Leonberger is a breed that looks like a lion, and though unplanned, also has it's attitude. He is content and easy going, and much more active than his ancestors. He is gentle and enjoys children and makes a great watchdog.

Height - 29 to 32 inches (72 to 80 cm). Weight - 80 to 150 pounds (37 to 67 kg).

Coat type - medium soft to hard, somewhat long, close to the body though there is a sufficient undercoat.

Color - yellow, golden to red-brown preferably with a black mask.

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