Chattering Lory Bird Breed

Chattering Lory

Chattering Lory

Originally from the Province of Indonesia.

She has a scarlet body, orange beak, yellow under the wings and on the shoulders, with green wings and thighs. A comical and loving rainbow.

When someone first sees a Lory, they think of a miniature parrot, and they are right! Lories (larger) and Lorikeets (smaller) are from the parrot family. They can learn to talk. Their tongues are brush-tipped so they can enjoy the nectar from fruits and blossoms.

She is very affectionate, and MUST have playtime with her owner daily. She has a soft voice, but can screech loudly! Not a bird for those who cannot tolerate noise or activity! A tame Lory loves to hang on its owner. While using the human as a perch, the Lory loves to investigate every crevice on the owner with its brush tongue. She will hang upside down, right-side up, any which way she can. She loves to be moving around, hoping and playing as much as she can.

A Lorie's droppings are loose due to her diet of nectar, which is mainly water-based. Placing protective coverings around the cage will help in cleaning.

A water bath should be available for her at all times. Hanging one from the side of the cage is preferred. Fruit and willow twigs for perches and "snacks" should be used in her cage. Since she gets easily bored, toys should be placed in the cage, changing them every so often to prevent boredom.

Many pet stores carry, or will order her food for you. Since she does not eat many seeds (unless such as what she'd find in a piece of a fig) and relies on a nectar diet, Lories are usually a cheaper bird to purchase. She is certainly cheaper than a regular or larger sized parrot. Soft foods (cooked egg, fruit, vegetables and greens) should be offered and if she needs it, a liquid vitamin supplement added to her water.

She should be caged alone, and certainly do not let her out to play if another bird is around. She will try to kill the other bird, as she is very aggressive.

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