Magyar Agar Dog Breed

Magyar Agar Dogs

The present day inhabitants of Hungary are mostly descendants of the Magyar's. These are the people who invaded and settled into Hungary in the 9th century. The Magyar people brought their dogs with them when settling. These dogs are thought to resemble the Sloughi and other eastern greyhound types. In later years the Agars were crossbred with the Greyhound and they closely resemble
that breed today. The Magyars number one job was (and still is) chasing hare and fox. His feet and mind are equally quick. His sight is far superior to his scenting ability.

The Agar is a fun-loving dog, always enjoying the company of man. He needs regular runs. With proper
care, he is a calm, affectionate dog.

Height - 25 to 27 1/2 inches (63 to 70 cm). Weight - 49 to 68 pounds (22 to 31 kg).

Coat type - short and coarse, providing good protection. Color - possibilities include solid and brindles.

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