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First I want to introduce myself (and my Mal) a little. My name's Katerina Scheuflerova and I am from Czech Republic in Europe. I was born

in our capital city Prague, but I have bought my first dog when I have moved to Prague's countryside. I am author of 7 articles, some have been written to new admitted Alaskan Malamute Club Czech Republic newsletter.

And I am owner of e-mail Alaskan Malamute discussion list (see, Mailing Lists" section in Planet Pets). My opinion is that for experience with Mals isn't necessary to have many dogs and own them (breed them) for many years, because after relatively short time, you will become an addict to this fascinating breed, you will try to find out more about it and finally you will state that you can successfully write a comprehensive article including almost everything from Mal's character to showing, from exterior to training. But please notice that I wasn't born in any English country so I am sorry for grammar mistakes that you will maybe find in the text.

More about my dog:

My Alaskan Malamute girl is 2 1/2 years old when I am writing this biography. Her original pedigree name is Cardif Rex od Vranskeho potoka (that's Cardif Rex from Vransky stream in English), but we call herjust Sophie. I show her and I am preparing to breed her.

I will try to put some stories and occurrences from my life with Sophie to these series of Malamute articles. I have included nice photos of her too in each of my articles so I will not write more because of an old truth that a picture is worth than thousand words.

What do you imagine when someone says, Alaskan Malamute"?

And what these words are telling to you? Well, I will try to write as much as I can about this remarkable breed of dog and I hope that every dog (or strictly Malamute) lover will be pleasured and interested by various kinds of information that I will include in my articles. I will not only write about history, classification and breeding in America, but also in different continents and countries like Europe and Australia.

You will read here about breed's character, standard, working, showing, reproduction, and more. I wish that our readers will find this information useful and maybe they will help them somehow too. And that's my primal aim.


An Alaskan Malamute is the biggest and the most stateliest Nordic dog. He was originally bred for pulling heavy sleds on large distances. He isn't as fast as a Siberian Husky, another Nordic breed, but he's much stronger.

The word ,Malamute" issues from the word ,Mahlemute" or,Mahlemuit". Mahlemuits (sometimes called Mahlemutes) were native Inuit people from Alaska that have created the breed for their purposes (pulling sleds, carrying packs and hunting) by crossing wolf with unknown types of Spitz dogs. Malamute himself belongs to Spitz family because of his small and pointed erect ears, curled tail that is carried over the back, longer hair around the neck and thick isolating hair among the fingers. Mals have played very important roles during Arctic and Antarctic expeditions.


You maybe ask why I have named my first Malamute article ,Wolf with a big heart" ? Well, Alaskan Malamute is actually descendant of wolf and that's why he look like this beautiful wild canine. But when we will talk about Mal's character, that's another story. Wolf is naturally afraid of people. But Malamute loves people. There are too some exterier differences between Mal and wolf (Mal is stateliest, he have curled tail, characteristic ,smile", etc.) but the most important one is Malamute's temperament and behavior. No one really knows why have dogs decided to live with humans. Why they have lost their shyness and become our companions?

We can say that's one of the biggest mystery of nature.

Dogs had to change their lifestyle radically, accept , culture" of humans and human , laws" . They are not only lying before our fireplaces, but also reproduce near us, feed near us and sleep near (and with) us without a fear. Wolf or other wild carnivore will never totally trust to people, even when it live with them from it's childhood because we're other creatures with other behavior. There's a theory that dogs don't see that we're humans, they think we're just a strange big dogs.

Without this thought, they will maybe never get absolutely domesticated.

Don't you think that's a wonder?


The most famous and popular Nordic breed on the world is probably a Siberian Husky. I have an experience that almost all people here in Czech Republic that I have met on my walks think that Sophie (my Mal) is a Husky. I suppose there's a same problem in other countries and continents throughout the world. So what's the difference between these two breeds?

1. Size: Alaskan Malamute is a lot higher and weights more than Husky (but you need to know that a male of Husky can be the same size as a female of Mal!).

2. Eyes: Siberian Husky may have one or both eyes blue colored. That's a big fault for Malamutes!

3. Body look: Huskies are usually more slim than Mals. Mals are stateliest.

4. Hair: Sometimes, you can differentiate these two breeds by a length of Mal's hair. Some Mals (especially the woolly ones) have much longer and thickest hair than a normal Husky. Of course, this can't be applicated on Mal that's in loosing coat period!

5. Markings: Some Mals have fawn or rusty markings on the back side of the ears, on front legs near elbows and on back legs on (near) the place that is opposite to a knee. I have never seen this speciality on Huskies.

I hope that this will help some people to see what forms Malamute's diversity to a Husky and finally understand that Mal himself is unique by his exterior and personality like every other breed on this planet.

Photos & text copyrighted 1999 by Katerina Scheuflerova

© 1999,, All rights reserved

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