Manchester Terrier Dog Breed

Manchester Terriers

This is a wise, lively, good-natured intelligent house pet and companion. He has clean habits and a short coat which make him an ideal indoor pet. This breed includes two sizes. Height is 15 to 16 inches. The medium weighs over twelve pounds but not more than twenty and the toy weighing twelve
pounds or under.

Prior to l959 the Toy Manchester Terrier and the Manchester Terrier were considered two separate breeds. They are now classified as the same breed but for show purposes they have two varieties.

The coat is short, firm, and glossy. The color is jet black with rich mahogany tan markings, which do not blend into each other but abruptly form clear well-defined lines. Minimal grooming needs.

American Manchester Terrier Club (M)

Training Information

Secretary, Ms. Sandra Kipp, Box 231, Gilbertsville, IA 50634

Breeder Contact, Ms. Diana Haywood, 52 Hampton Rd., Pittstown, NJ 08867, (908) 996-7309   


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