The Mastiff Dog Breed 2
The Mastiff dog breed is among the heaviest and toughest breeds in the world, weighing in excess of 200 lbs. 
Used in ancient times as arena gladiators where they participated in bull, bear, and dog combat, the Mastiff dog breed
is very intelligent, loyal and deeply devoted to their family. This breed is not for a first time dog owner. 
They require strict training and a firm, consistent owner to control their aggressive tendencies.


Mastiff Dogs

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog  Has a reputation of combining protectiveness with a gentle nature, particularly with respect to its love of his family, especially children.  Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are strong, active, and remarkably agile for their size.

Landseer Newfoundland
Not the black breed of Newfoundlander, the Landseer is a tall, powerful and well balanced dog.  Patient, playful, and loving with children; he is a born babysitter and loves to be social.

A very large, majestic dog with a characteristic black mask, the Leonberger breed has a very kind personality.  A heavy shedding dog that requires a moderate amount of exercise, they are very happy if they have a large yard to run in.

Miniature Bull Terrier
Fond of both grown-ups and children, the Miniature Bull Terrier may be too energetic for small children. They cannot tolerate teasing and children should be taught to respect the dog. A loyal, polite, and obedient dog who can also be fun-loving, clownish and fearless.

Moscow Watchdog
A strong and able-bodied mastiff, the Moscow Watchdog was bred to be both a companion and a watchdog. This breed can be trained as a Seeing Eye dog.

Neapolitan Mastiff
(Italian Mastiff) Not a breed for everyone and not a dog for beginners.  Must have a dominant owner capable of controlling him properly.  However, once trained, the Neapolitan Mastiff is a proud, majestic, loving pet. 

Perro de Presa Mallorquin
(Mallorquin Mastiff) Bred to be a pure guard dog, the Perro de Presa Mallorquin remains formidably powerful and alert, and retains the tenacity of its bull-baiting past. This breed is not for the causal pet owner.

Tosa Inu
(Japanese Tosa) Protective, loyal, Exceptionally quiet, calm and patient, The Tosa has been bred to be a very quiet dog because Japanese dog fighting rules require the dogs to fight silently. They are highly intelligent and do not need repetitious training.

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