Miniature Schnauzer Dog Breed

Miniature Schnauzers

The Miniature Schnauzer is of German origin, said to be recognizable in pictures of the 15th century. Derived from the Standard Schnauzer and is said to have come from a mixing of Affenpinschers and Poodles with small Standards. Exhibited as a distinct breed as early as 1899.

Of stocky build and with a wiry coat, this whiskered friend is smart, and great with kids. A small dog, but mighty, he sticks close to home because of his devotion and makes a great watchdog.

There is no standard weight for the breed, but a grown bitch of about 13 inches should weigh about 14 pounds, with a dog weighing somewhat more. The weight depends, to a great extent, on the amount of bone.

Training Information

American Miniature Schnauzer Club, Inc. (M)

Secretary, Jane Gilbert, 5 Salt Meadow Waye, Marshfield, MA 02050

Breeder Contact, Amy Gordon, 802 Upland Road, W. Palm Beach, FL 33401, (561) 366-1038


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