Nenets Herding Laika Dog Breed

Nenets Herding Laikas
Nenets Herding Laika

The Nenets Herding Laika appeared during ancient times and was developed by a  group called the Nentsy tribe. This was probably about the same time the Samoyede nomads were developing and using the Samoyed. This dog was a working and yet warm dog who fulfilled the tribe's need for a guard and herding dog.

This dog loves to work, he is intelligent and free thinking. needing little guidance. He is devoted and people-oriented.

Height - 16 to 18 inches ( 41 to 46 cm). Weight - 40 to 50 pounds (19 to 23 kg).

Coat type - profuse and forms a ruff and thick breeches. Color - gray, black white or tan as a solid or in piebald pattern with white.

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