High Security Rehab For Dangerous Dogs


A high security jail which aims to turn dangerous dogs into well-behaved pets has opened in Berlin.

The Berlin Interment Home takes in stray fighting dogs and domestic pets courts have deemed a danger to the public. It even has a canine 'death row.'

Each dog has a rehabilitation program, with tasks including chasing sticks and obstacle courses. If the dog can't be controlled it is put down.

The facility is believed to be Europe's first rehabilitation jail for dangerous dogs.

The animals are being sent by courts in Brandenburg and Berlin following protests from local animal rights groups about the number of dogs being put down.

Rehabilitation trainer, Peter Schmidt, says most dogs can be put on the straight and narrow. He said: "Dogs which really cannot be taught have to be put down but that doesn't happen very often."

The high security compound has double barbed-wire fences and a 15ft perimeter wall to stop the animals from escaping.

Its exact location is being kept secret following threats from owners who claim their pets have been wrongly imprisoned.

One official said: "We have had big problems with some owners who discovered where we were. They have tried to break into the prison to free their animals.

"They are aggressive and scream at us from the other side of the fence and threaten staff with violence. Some have stayed for hours on end."

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