Man Trapped In Bathroom By Cat


A Canadian man had to be rescued by police after his cat went berserk and trapped him in a bathroom.

It took two police officers and animal control officer Ron Sabean, to subdue the seven-year-old cat.

The pet was snarling and hissing at the bathroom door in the house near Greenwood, Nova Scotia, when Mr Sabean arrived.

He said: "I've been in this business going on 24 years and I've never seen a cat focus on a person like that one did."

He had been called by police, who were unable to catch the cat on their own.

Mr. Sabean said the cat has lived indoors all its life and has had no contact with other animals.

Although it had previously been good with its owners, it has been known to spit and hiss at strangers.

The trapped man suffered scratches in the incident, reports the Canoe website.

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