Norbottenspets Dog Breed

Norbottenspets Dogs

The Norbottenspets is a small spitz.  For a northern breed of dog his coat is uncharacteristically short.

Another unusual trait which differs from most northern breeds is the tail which is loosely curled and hangs near the thigh rather than across the back. 

The Norbottenspets closely resembles the Norwegian Lundehund. This could indicate that he descended from arctic spitz types. There may also be a some German Spitz in the lineage. It is thought that his lineage may be in the line of the ancient spitz-type of the Vikings.

Swedes today are most likely to keep the Norbottenspets as a companion pet.

This dog is quiet, well behaved, and affectionate.

Height - 17 to 17 inches (41 to 43 cm). Weight - 26 to 33 pounds (12 to 15 kg).

Coat type - a double coat that is short and stand-offish. Color - white with limited spots of cream or brown (black and red are sometimes seen).

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