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The Nordic, or Northern, breed of dogs refers to dogs of the spitz-type, i.e. any stocky breeds that are native to Northern regions
(Alaska, Siberia, Northern Europe).  Nordic dog fur is double coated, and they often exude strong personalities and intelligence.


Nordic Dog Breeds

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Japanese Kai Inu Dog
The Kai Inu originated from medium-sized dogs that existed in Japan in the ancient times. It became established as a breed where it served as a tireless, all-weather hunting breed.

Karelian Bear Dog
This is not a breed for inexperienced dog owners. A robust, persistent, and powerful dog, the Karelian Bear dog is very loyal to its owner's family and makes a good household companion when it is extensively trained.

Karelo-Finnish Laika
Karelo-Finnish Laika dog is an affectionate and friendly with the family dog. However, he is often aloof and mistrustful with strangers. Some dogs guard their masters and their property.

Kishu Inu
Originally used as a boar hunter, the Kishu Inu is a very intelligent, loyal family dog that has become one of the most popular breeds in Japan.

Nenet Herding Laika
The Nenet Herding Laika is a working, yet warm dog that fulfills the role of a guard and herding dog. This dog loves to work, he is intelligent and free thinking, needing little guidance. He is very devoted and people-oriented.

(aka Nordic Spitz) Kept mostly as a companion pet in Sweden, the Norbottenspets dog is smaller than most Spitz breeds.  It is a quiet, well behaved, and affectionate breed.

Norwegian Buhund
A natural watch dog, the Norwegian Buhund is brave and vocal but not aggressive. The Buhund is friendly and fun loving and gets along with both people and other animals.

Norwegian Lundehund
(aka Norwegian Puffin Dog) A small dog breed originating from Norway and originally bred for hunting puffins.  Curious and friendly, the Norwegian Lundehund loves people and will snuggle with you for hours.

Russo European Laika
Primarily a hunting dog, The Russo-European Laika is a very affectionate and strongly attached to the master.  Also a very good family dog, a great watchdog and he is exceptionally tolerant with children.

Fearless, loyal, and willing to please, the Sanshu is a very dedicated family and companion dog.

Shiba Inu
Generally independent and intelligent dogs. They have a reputation for struggling with obedience training and must always be on a leash. Shiba Inus are natural runners and will try anything to escape.

The ideal companion for active outdoor people, Shikoku dogs are very energetic and active outside but they are calm and quiet indoors. The Shikoku is a very intelligent dog and a quick learner.

Swedish Lapphund
The Swedish counterpart to the Finnish Lapphund, the Swedish Lapphund is used commonly for deer herding and is kept primarily as a companion dog.

West Siberian Laika
West Siberian Laikas are versatile hunting dogs capable of hunting both small and large prey. They are very loyal and extremely protective of their owner in the wild.

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