Norwegian Lundehund Dog Breed

Norwegian Lundehunds

The Norwegian Lundehund was developed for the specific task of hunting the puffin bird. He originated on an island, Vaerog, off the Norwegian coast. The puffin bird hides in the tight crevices between the rocks. The Lundehund can handle the job of getting into these tight places quite well.

The Lundehund is hearty and active for a dog of his size.  He is somewhat boisterous, but never
nervous or aggressive. He is extremely intelligent

The Norwegian Lundehund may look like any other nordic dog. His looks are so deceiving. The dog has a double-jointed neck which allows his head to bend backwards to nearly lay on its back. The feet have at least six multiple jointed toes on each foot, two large functional dewclaws, and eight plantar cushions on each foot. The ears are closable.

Height - 12 to 15 1/2 inches ( 31 to 40 cm). Weight - 13 pounds ( 6 kg). Coat type - short, rough, curled tail.

Color - reddish brown to fallow, with black-tipped hairs preferred black or gray. Whites with blackish tips also occur.

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