Panther Geko
(Paroedura pictus)


Panther Gecko

This gecko is native to Madagascar. It is nocturnal and likes a dry, sandy home but requires misting at least twice a day. A shallow water bowl is appreciated.

Bark and or a plastic bowl should be provided for the gecko to hide.

Size: 5 to 7 inches when mature. The females are a little smaller.

Feed: These are insect feeders and require daily feeding. Crickets, mealworms, waxworms and insects from the wild can be used for food. Commercial calcium with vitamin D3 and multi-vitamin supplements should be dusted on the insects and egg laying females must be provided with extra calcium. They grow fast so ample food should be provided. If your gecko has a fat tail that means it's getting enough to eat.

Every gecko has it's own defined territory but needs the nearness of other geckos. If a gecko must be caught, the animal should be grasped carefully but firmly by the torso and held fast. Never grasp the tail, because the gecko may cast it off. This may lead to skin damage.


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