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Pekingese Dogs


The Pekingese originated in China where it was considered very sacred. It is vague as to the year or date of origin but they can be traced as far back as the Tang Dynasty in the eighth century. If one these pure dogs was stolen the punishment was death.

These dogs were known in ancient China by three different names, Lion Dog, Sun Dogs, and Sleeve Dog. Lion Dog came about due to the massive fronts, heavy manes and slimmer hind ends. The dogs with the beautiful golden red coats were called Sun Dogs. Sleeve Dog received the name aptly. This was a very petite version of the Pekingese who was carried about in the huge puffy sleeves of the people in the imperial palace. According to history when the British invaded the Imperial Palace in Peking in the late 1800's they found many dead Pekingese.They were killed by the royalty so they would not fall into the possession of any one other than the Chinese. But four Pekingese dogs were found alive. One was given to Queen Victoria and the other kept by a British Lord and Duke who bred them.

A fearless dog but not aggressive, still, it's said not to be good with children. He is loyal, independent, and courageous and a little stubborn when training.

This dog has a low energy level inside and needs daily exercise of 30 minutes daily. Needs little or no yard and does fine in an apartment.

Height- 6 to 9 inches. Weight- 7 to 10 pounds.

Coat- Long and thick and needs grooming at least twice a week. Sheds a little. Color- Black with tan, brindle, multi-colored, red, tan.

Costs- averages to $15.00 a month.

Training Information

Pekingese Club of America, Inc. (M)

Secretary, Mrs. Leonie Marie Schultz, Rt. #1, Box 321, Bergton, VA 22811

Breeder Contact, Mrs. Judith Pomato, 535 Devils Ln., Ballston Spa, NY 12020, (518) 885-6864391-8298 e-mail


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