Pet Insurance – A Great Solution For Pet Owners

– by Michelle Dalida

What Is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance is similar to human health insurance. When your pet is insured, pet insurance will help pay most or all veterinary bills in the event of an illness or injury. It can save you, the pet owner, hundreds or even thousands of dollars in vet bills over the course of your pet’s life.

There are a variety of plans, coverage and payment options so owners can easily tailor their pet’s insurance to what they feel best fits their lifestyle, wallet and their pet’s breed. 

 There are four basic features of pet insurance:

1) Accident Coverage

Accidental injury coverage tends to charge a higher premium because insurance companies often reimburse a larger sum for claims due to accidents. 

2) Illness Coverage

Illness coverage is included in almost all pet insurance policies. It’s important for owners to research their pet’s breed and find out what illnesses the breed is predisposed to and make sure that their pet insurance policy will cover it.

3) Routine Health Coverage

Routine health coverage is the most basic coverage offered in a pet insurance policy. This feature is usually accompanied by higher premiums, but for good reason. The premiums are nothing compared to what an owner would pay out of pocket for routine check ups - something that gets more necessary as pets age. 

4) Death Cremation and Burial Coverage

Today, pet owners treat their beloved animals with more respect than ever before. Pets are now given funerals, separate tombs or are cremated, all of which can be costly. (but all of which can be financially aided or covered by pet insurance)

 Now, you can pick and choose which of these benefits you want in your pet insurance plan, or you can choose all of them to make sure your pet is adequately protected.


Pet Insurance – A Potentially Life-Saving Decision

When an injury or illness happens, you want to be able to give your pet the absolute best treatment and not have to worry about the cost. Pet insurance gives you this peace of mind. (The last thing you need at that heart-breaking moment is to have to decide between doing only what you can afford (out of pocket) or doing what’s the absolute best for your pet)

No one wants to think about it, but especially with pets, you must expect the unexpected.

Sadly, financially unprepared owners are often forced to put down their pets simply because they could not afford the medical costs, out-of-pocket.

Unfortunately, you can’t watch your pet every second of every day. The truth is, accidents happen.

And, when was the last time any Vet doctor visit was cheap? Sure, owners can plan to save up for medical expenses, but how much do they really save? (With all the bills, loans, house payments, car payments, etc.)

Take into consideration how much you have already saved - would you be able to afford veterinary costs if something happened to your pet tomorrow?

Perhaps a more important question is: Doesn’t your pet deserve to be as well protected as you are?  

 Michelle Dalida

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